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Why Buy Genuine Mercedes Parts

Why Buy Genuine Mercedes Parts

It’s important to fit genuine parts to your Mercedes-Benz car, van or truck and I hope to outline some of the reasons to you in this article. Firstly and perhaps in a way the most important reason is to think why you bought a Mercedes vehicle in the first place. Most likely one of the primary reasons was its image and reputation. The image was built up over a number of years primarily because of the Mercedes brand’s reputation for build quality and reliability. If you were to fit a non genuine part to your Mercedes, then surely it’s no longer a Mercedes? OK the vast majority of it may be, but the parts that you fit to it aren’t. So let’s take brake parts for an example. If you fit a set of non genuine brake disks and pads to your Mercedes Van, then you are driving a Mercedes van with non Mercedes brakes. Therefore the reliability of Mercedes brakes, the stopping distance and feel of those brakes are all non standard. Doesn’t that detract from the reason that you bought your Mercedes van in the first place?

It’s important to realize that when a vehicle manufacturer such as Mercedes designs a car or van, they spend a large amount of time and money on designing and testing each individual component. This ensures reliability and optimum performance within the specifications of the vehicle. Of course third party manufacturers spend money on such things too, but their budgets and research and engineering facilities are tiny in comparison.

The final thing to consider is the warranty that you get with genuine Mercedes Parts. In the case of Mercedes cars and vans, you get a very generous 2 year warranty with all parts. This warranty isn’t affected by the mileage covered on the vehicle either giving you further piece of mind that no matter how many miles that you cover in your van, you can be sure that the warranty still applies. Mercedes Truck parts have a different warranty in place. They benefit from a 12 month warranty, with unlimited mileage too. So the next time that you need a Mercedes Parts, consider these things and whether you want to keep your Mercedes, just that – a Mercedes!

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