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The Safest Way to Buy a Used Car

The Safest Way to Buy a Used Car

There are people who buy a new car because they can afford it, and there are those who would rather have a good quality used vehicle, but the horror stories put them off, so they opt for a new car, safe in the knowledge that the vehicle is in perfect condition. For those who wish to buy a quality used car, there are reputable second hand car dealers that can offer a wide range of quality vehicles at affordable prices.

How can I be sure the car isn’t a dud?

This is the major fear when buying second hand, and with so many defective vehicles that are cleverly disguised, it can be risky. The best way to ensure the car is in good condition is to buy from a reputable dealer. Most people who buy a new or used car have a vehicle they wish to trade in, and this gives the dealer a constant supply of vehicles. When a car is taken in part exchange for another vehicle, it is given a thorough inspection first, and any work that needs doing will be carried out before the car is put up for sale. An established dealer will offer a warranty on any used vehicle they supply, and with their reputation to consider, you can be confident the car has been carefully checked and is in good condition. If you live in Australia, and are looking for a second hand car, there are used cars for sale in Canberra that are certified by the dealer, and with a range of vehicles, there is something to suit all tastes.

Test drive the car

Of course, one should always test drive a vehicle before buying, as it is the best way to experience the car. The test drive should include checking acceleration, braking, and general handling abilities, which should give you a feel of the vehicle. During the test drive, one should notice all operations, such as indicators, a/c, wipers, and lights, and if anything is amiss, it should be mentioned to the dealer.

Ask to see the service history

Every car should have service book, and this should contain information about all service work that has been carried out since the vehicle was new. A full service history indicates that the car has been well maintained, and this is one way to check on the car’s history. The dealer will have thoroughly inspected the vehicle prior to purchase, and you can ask to see their report, which will tell you a lot about the car’s condition.

Take a mechanic when viewing

If you have singled out a particular car, and are not that knowledgeable regarding the workings of a car, you can enlist the help of a qualified mechanic, who will thoroughly inspect the car and give you a full report. This service is not expensive, and is money well spent when you consider the cost of the vehicle.

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